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If you’re looking for service and/or repair for your vehicle here in the Saskatoon area, our team at Guest Auto is available for all of your needs. We are happily locally owned and operated, providing top quality service for all makes and models in our local Saskatoon (we offer free pickup/delivery of vehicles within the city) and area community. Whatever may ail your vehicle, our skilled team can service and repair your vehicle back to its peak shape, from brake repair to oil change to engine service to transmission replacement and so much more. Read on to learn about our most popular services here at Guest Auto Group, then easily book an appointment with our service department online to get scheduled in, today.

Our Highlighted Auto Services

Oil Change

Perhaps the most “essential” and well-known service for your vehicle, oil changes are never to be missed or skipped over. Oil is vital in your engine, working to lubricate the important parts, cut down on friction and lessen wear over time. Unfortunately, your engine oil will break down over time, becoming more sludgy and less able to do its job, which necessitates an oil change. Our oil change & flush (along with oil filter change) will ensure your vehicle runs with the best quality oil possible.

Brake Service

It’s obvious how important braking is in your vehicle for safe and optimal use out on the road. Our brake inspection, repair and service offerings will ensure your brakes are operating at a high quality level. Wearing down of your vehicle’s brakes can differ from vehicle to vehicle and driver to driver, depending on habits and the quality of parts. Make sure to keep an eye and ear out for swelling, odd noises, shaking, and a different feel when pushing the brake pedal, they could all spell the need for brake service now. Whenever the need may arise, our Guest Auto team is here to provide top quality service.

Tire Service

The tires on your vehicles are the only actual piece of your vehicle that’s in contact with the road, which means they take a lot of abuse over the years, and can easily incur damage. It’s imperative to keep an eye out on the condition of your tires, and for any service required, from punctures to flats to rim damage to tread wear and more, our Guest Auto team can help repair your tires. From repair to replacement, our tire experts will ensure the best course of action for your vehicle, and get you back out on the road with a trustworthy set.

Engine Service

The powerhouse of your vehicle may be the strong, beating heart of your vehicle, but it’s still susceptible to problems. While most modern vehicles have some sort of monitoring system that will alert you if there’s an issue with your engine, our Guest Auto team can take it from there and service or repair the affected function in your engine. Our team has years of experience identifying problems with engines and helping save you time and money on engine service.

Transmission Service

A lot of people know that transmissions are intrinsic to how a vehicle operates and know they are important, but aren’t entirely sure of every in and out of what a transmission does, and when it’s in need of repair. Transmissions are complex, but our Guest Auto team are experts in high-level inspection, diagnosis and repair. Our team can find out the exact issue with your transmission and service or repair it now, helping to prevent larger issues (and greater cost) in the future.

Suspension & Alignment

A smooth ride is not only essential for a comfortable drive day in and day out in your vehicle, but also for the safe and healthy operation of your vehicle. A wheel alignment may be in order for your vehicle if you’re experiencing the following: your vehicle pulsing to one side, a vibrating steering wheel, uneven tire wear or an off-centre steering wheel. A misaligned vehicle can cause a number of issues, including uneven wear, poor performance, loss of efficiency and more. Get a wheel alignment from the service team here at Guest Auto.

A/C Service

It’s no secret that it can get incredibly hot here in Saskatoon during the summer months, and thus you wouldn’t be blamed for calling the air conditioning in your vehicle one of its most important systems. Don’t be caught out on a hot day without proper A/C in your vehicle and get your system inspected, serviced and recharged by the team here at Guest Auto. 

Computer Diagnostics

The check engine light can be a nuisance, especially if you have no clue why the light is on in the first place. Let our Guest Auto team take it from there and diagnose what the issue may be, then service or repair said problem. There are countless systems and computers on-board your vehicle all at work ensuring your vehicle runs smoothly, but which can falter without a seeming cause. Our Guest Auto team has the latest tools and technology to diagnose the issues and fix what may be ailing your vehicle.

Guest Auto Service

The above is just a sampling of our most popular and often provided services here at the Guest Auto service department. Make no mistake, whatever may be affecting your vehicle, our qualified service team can inspect, service and repair the issue. If your vehicle is in need of service, maintenance or repair, book an appointment with us, today. It’s easier than ever to book you and your vehicle in, just utilize our online form linked from this page. Fill out the fields, press submit, then one of our representatives will be in touch with you to confirm your appointment. Don’t delay, and get your vehicle booked for service, today.

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