SGI Inspections in Saskatoon

SGI Inspections in Saskatoon

SGI Out of Province Inspections & Light Vehicle Inspections

Guest Auto Service & Repair is honored to be a certified Vehicle Inspection Station providing SGI Inspections in Saskatoon. Certification process consists of a 93 point inspection checklist provided by SGI.

Certain structural parts are also inspected to ensure corrosion or damage is repaired to OEM or repair industry standards.
Please note areas such as engine, transmission, air conditioning system, surface rust are not a requirement for the certification process and will not be tested for failures.

When a vehicle passes inspection, a validation sticker will be placed next to the vehicle identification data plate. In the event of a failure, a repair quote will be presented to you along with the inspection report. Repair work will not be performed without your authorization.


Cost of Inspection 


Inspection completion times may vary depending on the size and mechanical condition of the vehicle. Average inspection times are 1.5 Hours for small vehicles & 2 hours for large vehicles. Cost of an SGI Inspection that passes without any repairs needed is $187.50 +Tax/shop supplies.

Failed Inspections

Since SGI has some of the tightest restrictions of any provincial insurance, a few factors that could cause a vehicle to fail look a little peculiar or special. Any of the following—which is not an exhaustive list—represent a failed inspection: partially cut or frayed seatbelts, exhaust system leaks, exterior rust holes big enough to snag a child’s finger or a piece of clothing, worn-out door seals, missing or damaged sun visors, windshield cracks bigger than an inch and/or in the driver’s line of vision, streaky wiper blades, and inactive washer nozzles.

Some of the items undergoing inspection may be in such poor condition that they pose a serious risk to public safety. These items will be noted as “Out of Service Condition” on the inspection sheet by a double X. The vehicle may be hauled away if the customer decides to undertake the maintenance elsewhere, but it must be repaired before it can be driven away from the shop. Out-of-service equipment include things like 0mm brake pads that are still present, broken brake hoses, missing airbags, etc.

SGI Inspections in Saskatoon

SGI Light Vehicle Inspection Certificate

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For more information about SGI Stipulations & inspection guidelines, please refer to Saskatchewan Government Insurance SGI Vehicle Inspection Program