Tire Sales & Service in Saskatoon

Free mounting & balancing with the purchase of tires in Saskatoon

Limited time offer. Ask about our FREE, Tire mounting & balancing service with the purchase of a set of tires. 


Easy Shopping for Tires in Saskatoon

The optimal performance from your car, truck, or SUV depends on having the right tires for the job. You can always locate the models you need at Guest Auto Service in Saskatoon, without having to endure protracted lines or expensive setbacks. Your requirements come first at Guest Auto, and we make sure you won’t have to wait any longer than is absolutely necessary. Families with demanding schedules, 9–5 employees who require dependable transportation, and anyone who needs to be able to rely on a personal vehicle to go around are all groups we serve. It has never been simpler or more convenient to buy tires in Saskatoon.